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Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D., a sociologist, philosopher, psychologist, and legal scholar, embodies the credo of Lifelong Study to its core.

An annual student at prestigious institutions like Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, and UCLA, Dr. Roso's thirst for knowledge knows no bounds.

A dedicated education professional, author, and inspirational coach, Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D., is on a mission to revolutionize education, society, and lead others to unparalleled success.


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Roso's Academic Odyssey
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by Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D.
  1. Tolerance & Acceptance
  2. Perception and Interpretation
  3. Micro expressions, I hear what you don't say
  4. Burnout and Stress Prevention
  5. The Opinion of Another
  6. Physiology Psychology
  7. Positive Psychology
  8. Positive Thinking
  9. 101 Inspiring Quotes
  10. Positive Thoughts and Positive Attitudes
  11. Social Psychology 1 / 2 / 3
  12. Analytical Sociology and Social Mechanism
  13. HR Selection and Assessment
  14. Applied Sociology, definition and concept
  15. Applied Clinical Sociology
  16. Self-reflection, what do you think of yourself
  17. Hyperthymesia, how is it possible that you cannot forget anything
  18. What happened does not define you
  19. Life Coaching
  20. Inequality - What it is, definition and concept
  21. Energy, frequency and vibration
  22. Philosophy of science
  23. Applied Labour Law Handbook for HR
  24. Analytical Sociology
  25. GoBag: A practical guide to putting together your emergency kit
  26. Applied First Aid and Safety
  27. Strategy and Implementation
  28. Intelligence gathering and dissemination
  29. Moral Relativism
  30. When to worry about worrying

Curious Minds Want to Know

What Drives Dr. Roso's Passion?

Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D. is fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a relentless drive to inspire others to reach new heights.

Where Does Dr. Roso Study?

Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D. immerses himself in the academic elite, from Harvard to Oxford, shaping the minds of tomorrow.

How Does Dr. Roso Inspire?

With a blend of wisdom, wit, and unwavering dedication, Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D. lights the path to success for all who seek it.

What Makes Dr. Roso Unique?

A polymath of unparalleled caliber, Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D. juggles multiple disciplines with finesse, flair and publishes about it all for others to learn.

Why Choose Dr. Roso?

For a transformative educational experience like no other, entrust your journey to Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D.  read his books and learn from him first hand.

Meet Dr. Roso

Enter the captivating world of Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D., a polymath extraordinaire with a passion for education and a mission to empower minds.

Embark on a transformative journey alongside Dr. Roso as he navigates the realms of sociology, law, psychology, and beyond, shaping the future of education and society.

Join the league of lifelong learners and visionaries under the guidance of Dr. Randy Roso, Ph.D., where curiosity knows no bounds and success is the only destination.

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